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Lacking sleep? 6 techniques for a better nights rest

Lacking sleep? 6 techniques for a better nights rest

Sleep can be a heavenly thing when you get it. For those people who have a hard time getting to sleep each night not getting enough sleep can put a big negative on your lifestyle. There are millions of people in this country who suffer from insomnia. Most people don’t think much about be able to go to sleep, because they can just lay down and go to sleep.  But for those people who are having the hardest time getting some sleep this can be a very difficult thing to do.  Lack of sleep can cause many disruptions in your day to day life. From being really tired to lack of being able to concentrate throughout the day, these things can really make it hard for you to have a great day. For those of you who are suffering from lack of sleep here are six techniques that will help you get to rest for the next day.


6 Techniques for Getting Some Sleep:


1. Stop Stressing: People who aren’t getting sleep tend to become more and more frustrated about not being able to get some shuteye. The stress that you create about your inability to get to sleep and stay asleep is contributing to your insomnia. You have to let your brain relax, and be able to shut down so you can actually get some rest. Most people who have trouble getting to sleep sit up at night worrying themselves about not being able to go to sleep. This just adds to your problem. If you’re up thinking, fretting, and stressing about not being able to go to sleep how will you ever fall asleep? Find something to focus on your mind on besides sleeping. Doing things that relax you will most certainly help you to go to sleep.


2. Cut Off the Television: There are so many people who won’t go to bed without their televisions on. The problem with the television playing while you’re trying to go to sleep is that you’re not letting your brain get into its sleep mode. By constantly being stimulated with the sound and lights that is coming from your television your brain isn’t being allowed to rest at all. When you let this happen you’ll find going to sleep is going to be so much easier to do. So turn that television off so you get some rest.


3. Stop Drinking Caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant. So when you drink it close to bedtime you definitely will have a harder time  getting to sleep. So some people will interpret this to mean to not drink any coffee before going to sleep. However, coffee isn’t the only drink with a lot of caffeine in it. Colas, teas, and even some juices may have large amounts of caffeine in them. It’s going to be very difficult to get some sleep when you’re stimulated. Also, a lot of people will think that drinking some alcohol will help them get to sleep. However, the sleep you’ll get when you’re buzzed won’t be as restful if you weren’t buzzed. Some people tend to wake up many times during their sleep cycles because of the alcohol that they have consumed. So if you’re trying to get to your sleeping back on track these drinks will definitely stop that from happening.


4. Try not to sleep during the day: One thing that keeps you from getting your sleep back on track is that fact that your sleeping cycles are off track. What this means is that since you’re already tired from being up all night most people who suffer from lack of sleep tend to fall asleep during the day. The problem with that is that you will most likely be up all night. Most people need 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. If you’re getting that sleep in the middle of the day then you’re probably aren’t  going to be able to get to sleep at night. It’s going to be hard to get more rest when you’ve already gotten a fulls night of rest already. It will be hard to not go to sleep, but try to not go to sleep until bedtime. This is the best way to get your sleeping schedule back on track.


5. Essential Oils: These can help bring on sleep in several ways. To be most effective you could try using directly on the skin for a relaxing effect, or use a few drops in the bath. Regardless of the method you choose to apply it with, these oils can generally have several positive effects depending on the type of oil you go with. For best benefits directly on skin we recommend Argan Oil.


6. Exercise: It can never be said enough about the benefit of exercising. Most people don’t think that exercising will help them get to sleep. Exercise will help you get to sleep better and quicker than anything else. Exercising helps you to become tired enough to where your body will need to go to sleep. People who exercise on a regular basis tend to not have sleeping problems at all. If you’re not getting some physical activity in then it will certainly benefit you to get some exercise into your daily routine. You’ll find getting to sleep easier to do everyday you exercise.


These are six techniques that can help you get to sleep. You can use one or all six of these techniques, but these techniques will definitely lead you to wonderful sleep. One thing that will certainly help you get some rest is to try and figure out what cause the disruption to your sleep cycle in the first place. When you have that reason getting to sleep will certainly be an easier thing to do since the solution to your insomnia will be easier to discover. Once you have found the things that has caused your sleeplessness this will make it easier for you to get your insomnia under control. It’s very important to continue to do those things so that sleeplessness won’t continue to be a problem for you.