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What you need to know about the 2013 Crossfit craze

What you need to know about the 2013 Crossfit craze

Crossfit is not just a means to lose weight and get into good physical shape, but it’s a way of life that helps you to become fitter and healthier inside and out. Movement, fitness and nutrition are the basic components of Crossfit and education is the key that unlocks your own personal door to fitness and health. Crossfit is a communal fitness program offered at thousands of gyms worldwide to help keep the world moving and is appropriate and challenging for professional athletes, businessmen and women, soccer moms and soccer kids. Young and old alike can benefit from the Crossfit programs.


Crossfit incorporates a lot of varied movements into the exercise regimen and is tailored for any age group. The exercises include power lifting and gymnastics with a variety of movements designed to build muscle, increase endurance and improve health.


Crossfit will help you define and understand your own personal fitness needs and goals and create a plan to help you achieve that level of fitness.


Nutrition is the third component of Crossfit and promotes a diet of no sugar and little starch. Protein is the mainstay of the diet plan, with a lot of meat, vegetables, nut and seeds tempered with a small amount of daily fresh fruit.


The Crossfit program doesn’t expect you to ‘go it alone’, but encourages a community setting for like-minded people to get together for exercise time and various educational seminars. Many gyms across the world share the philosophy of the Crossfit movement, so there is likely to be a group near you or near where you travel. The goal is not only to help the individual reach his or her fitness goal, but to also build better, stronger communities through the shared experience.


Crossfit helps both the body and mind become fit through continuing education. Seminars focusing on a wide varieties of topics are offered through your local Crossfit affiliate. Seminars on mobility, self-defense, goal-setting and kids are of interest to all. Specialized seminars that on Olympic lifting, kettlebell, football and strongman completions are also available.

Crossfit Games

A three-stage Crossfit game occurs each year with the qualifying game starting in spring and open to all. Athletes can compete to determine who is the most fit person in the world, and/or to determine how far each person has come on their own journey to personal fitness.

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