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Big player Inglewood Farms sold to RM Williams AH

Big player Inglewood Farms sold to RM Williams AH

Australian poultry farms are big business to a lot of food companies around the world. They are so big that one of the largest poultry farms in Australia, Inglewood Farms, was just sold to an agricultural business in Southern Queensland. What is special about Inglewood Farms is that they produce organic poultry meat and eggs from their birds. With the increasing demand for organic poultry around the world, this has caused RM Williams Agricultural Holdings to purchase the farming company. As more farms close down around the world, this gives more business to bigger farms like this that cater to many nations outside of Australia.


There are plenty of farms around the world that also contribute to the global poultry market, but Inglewood Farms is responsible for 80% of the poultry that is sold within Australia. The company has been undervalued for quite some time, despite the fact that the poultry market is bigger than ever. If you look at big economic countries, like the United States, their farms are decreasing at a huge rate because they have simply become an import country. Most of the poultry and other livestock meat sold in American stores were raised in other foreign countries, like Australia. This has caused big farming companies, like Inglewood Farms, to receive more business and become more valuable to the rest of the world. Over 50 different parties were interested in purchasing Inglewood Farms and its quality farm sheds, structures and other assets, both from Australia and from other nations around the world.

This large farm purchase came just in time before a national Christmas egg shortage hit Australia due to a Bird Flu outbreak. It has been reported that over 450,000 chickens were killed at a free range egg farm in New South Wales. Fortunately, there is no sign that this Bird Flu is the H5N1 strain that is known to kill human beings. But still, this egg shortage during the holidays has caused the prices of eggs in Australia to skyrocket. This certainly gives Inglewood Farms more opportunity because they have not been hit yet with any Bird Flu. That means the demand for their eggs will rise, which will mean great news to the company that purchased it. To make sure their eggs are safe and organic, Inglewood Farms gets audited on a regular basis to ensure their eggs are not hazardous to the public’s health. The company is also certified by Australian Certified Organic and Free Range Egg & Poultry of Australia.